Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Out

We FINALLY got some of the Fluffy Stuff overnight! We usually start getting snow in early November. This year we have had hardly any! We got a few flurries the weekend after Christmas, but no accumulation. We had 2 inches overnight and it's still snowing so we got a bit more coming.

First thing Andy does is run out the door and turn on the Christmas lights that we haven't taken down yet!

Then I spy tracks.

Those would belong to James Kitty. He would be our 25 pound Maine Coon. The breed is designed to withstand the cold. Their paws are designed like snow shoes & they are big boys with long tails for agility. It was funny to follow his tracks. They went off our porch, toward the driveway, then they turned around and came back up on the porch. Apparently even though they were made for snow, that doesn't mean they like the snow. I think he tolerates it, but doesn't love it and he ususally stays inside when it's snowy.

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  1. Wow! It's cold here but no snow right now. We had some a while back and I got the cutest pictures. Stay warm and see you around on Twitter and Etsy!

    Susan Schrock
    Susan's Greetings