Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cardstock Color Options

All of our handmade paper products can be customized to your affair's color scheme. Below you will find colors charts of some of our stock. This is not the complete list and if there is a color you are looking for but don't see below, please let us know as we may have it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Elegantly Sweet Portable Pocket(c) Invitation

We have added a new member to our Wedding Invitation family. Her name is Elegantly Sweet. She is featured in the Winter 2010 Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. (Doesn't she match the cover beautifully?)

Let your intentions to your guests be known with this fabulous elongated Save The Date in it's own mini portable pocket(c).

Then, really wow them with the layered invitation & rsvp tucked with love inside their own square pocket. The matching wrap label on the outer envelope really ties the suite together and makes a fabulous first impression.

Of course, Elegantly Sweet is available in any color combination of your choosing. Start the process by visiting our Etsy Shop here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Jalouise Tank Top Giveaway Winner!

Well...I hope everyone had just a fantabulous holiday. With many people heading back to work today, they are not in the happiest of moods. So let's start off the day announcing the winner of our Jalouise Tank Top Giveaway! We got the opportunity to interview designer Krishala Burchill in this post. She was kind enough to offer a giveaway to one of our readers of their choice of size and color one of her lovely tanks. Let's see what has to say...

Post Number 45 came from Kym! She had this awesome comment...

Thank you so much Kym for you comment and congratulations! We'll have more exciting giveaways on the horizon! Thank you to everyone that entered.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OMG! Luke Wilson said my name!

Well, not exactly. Actually he says the name of the city I live in during the new At&t commercial. It's just so funny & exciting when you don't live in a huge city, but hear it mentioned somewhere. David Letterman once mentioned our city on his show as "the place to go if you want to get away with a crime." Since we have lots of crimes that never get solved. 10 years ago an airplace crashed into a hotel and we were all over the national news then. Various weather disasters also put us into the news alot.

Hmmm, now that you think about it, all of these thinsg are kind of negative huh? Well, we have a really, really, famous baseball player that is from here (and happens to be my cousin). So I guess that's positive.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Interview with Krishala Burchill plus a GIVEAWAY

We were pleased to have the opportunity to talk with Krishala Burchill who's designs are now available on Etsy. Check out all the info and then see below for a fab giveaway!

Describe your design style. Jalouise is the world of fashion’s newest addition, showcasing trendy new designs on custom T shirts, quality comfort clothing, and stylish accessories that add a taste of stylish sparkle to any wardrobe! Jalouise strives to stay two steps ahead of the hottest fashions to be hitting runways nationally, and yet pays close attention to both customer needs and satisfaction.

What's your favorite color? Red!

What's book is on your nightstand right now? Sad, but true ''Skinny Bitch''

Where do you get your inspiration? The inspiration of Jalouise bloomed from the unique vision of an at-home mom. Krishala obtained the firm conviction that with both determination and creativity, a successful company could be formed that would cater to people interested in both comfort and style. Krishala took her large vision and applied it towards creating a small company, which affectionately became known at Jalouise. As Jalouise has continued to grow and expand its territories nationally, its products and fashions have become notorious for becoming welcome additions to wardrobes internationally.

How do your items take on their sense of character? Jalouise utilizes a combination of color and universally appealing themes to captivate the attention and adoration of fans everywhere. Jalouise devotes an abundance of time and energy into ensuring that its images, products, and creations are ones that are bold, diverse, and edgy, but that still obtain firm roots in broad-based customer appeal. By striving to merge the world of unique charm with quality products strategically designed for durability, Jalouise has developed a product line that has become notorious for pleasing even the most deliberate of shoppers!

What do you think your biggest challenge as an artisan is? As an artisan and/or designer, my greatest challenge is to ensure that my product line always expresses new and fresh ideas and components. It is my goal to constantly come out with what will be appealing in a fashion-sense next week, or next month. Fashion changes constantly. Styles need be be born, re-born, adopted, and adapted every single day. While constantly staying one step ahead in the fashion-world, as a designer, I feel it is my responsibility to ensure the quality of the items and lines I am developing. My biggest challenge, therefore, is really to stay ten steps ahead of the game in terms of ideas, and to remain firm in my goal to please every customer with products marked by strength, and quality.

What is the most cherished item you have in your shop? The most cherished item I have in my shop? Surely, this would be my fans and customers! My primary objective as a designer and a store-owner is to make sure that my customers and my fans are number one. It is because of their support and admiration that I have been able to initiate my own clothing line. Jalouise develops its products based on the needs and desires of its customers. Therefore, it is my firm conviction that ultimately, the single most important thing to me, as a designer and a company executive, are my supporters – and their continued satisfaction.

Any unique ways you market your shop? (on etsy or otherwise): Jalouise periodically picks random fans and customers and will send them items that we are considering adding to our product line. These products or gifts, are designed to show customers that we appreciate their support, inspire them to provide us with continued feedback, and to encourage them to be a part of our production team. It is our company’s goal to please each customer. Therefore, we pride ourselves in introducing potential products to our already existing customers, seeing what they think, and inviting their ideas and thoughts to enter into the realms of our creative design department.

What is the best thing about owning your own Etsy shop? Etsy provides Jalouise with the unique opportunity to branch out and introduce itself to markets that have currently been unexplored. By opening its doors to Etsy, Jalouise hopes to formulate long-lasting business relationships with partners, develop a strong base of creative customers who enjoy the delightful combination of comfort and style, and to develop a direct line of communication between corporate management, and customer needs.

Jalouise by Krishala Burchill is definately one shop you will want to heart. In fact, you could win a tank top just by doing so! Krishala has generously offered a tank top (your choice of size and color (except black)) for one lucky reader! The rules are so simple. All you need to do is any of the following, them come back here and make a comment telling us you did so. You can do as many of these items as you like and then make a comment for each item letting us know. Each comment is an entry into the contest!

1. Visit Jalouise on Etsy and "heart" her shop and leave us a comment about your favorite item of her's = 1 entry

2. Tell us what celebrity would look awesome in Krishala's designs in a comment to us = 1 entry
3. Call, write or email a friend or loved one and let them know how much they mean to you! Then come back here and tell us about it = 1 entry

4. Subscribe to my little blog (via the handy button on the right) and leave a comment about it = 1 entry

5. You can also enter by twittering about the giveaway = up to 2 entires (one for each tweet!) and coming back here and telling me about it. Please include my twitter account in the update: i'm @sspaperie on twitter!

6. You can also enter by blogging about this giveaway and telling me about it here = 1 entry

7. You can also enter by doing a facebook update about this giveaway with a link, (don't forget to "fan" us via the link on the right!) and tell us here = 1 entry

8. Please just make sure that each entry is its own comment =  more chances for you to win!!!

Thank you and good luck!!! Please do not include your email address within the actual comment for privacy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A holiday tradition at Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort is there giant gingerbread house. Check out this time lapse video of the 3-day build. I bet it smells yummy in there! Have you ever built a gingerbread house?