Monday, January 4, 2010

What We're Working On: 1/4/10 Erin & Adam's Wedding Invitations

We just finished production on Erin & Adam's wedding invitations. Erin was looking for elegant wedding invitations, including the reception card and response card. She wanted them to be classy with ivory, pearl, and champagne. She also requested a touch of light blue in them.

We suggest our Pearl Regalia Invitation, with a slight modification on them to include a backer card in "Wind". Erin even personalized it a bit more by supplying is with custom stamps she ordered from Zazzle. They turned out so beautifully! Each layer in shimmery and they really sparkle. What a way to kick off a great 2010 bridal season!


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  1. Those are GORGEOUS! I love the paisley background/ holders.