Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bridal Guilt

So I saw a fabulous post on Weddingbee that I felt like I must share with you. If you are planning your upcoming nuptials, you may be wrestling with many of the below right now:

1. I feel guilty that my parents are paying for the majority of our wedding and are just so freaking nice about it. Never once have they made me feel guilty about it…and so, I feel guilty about it.
2. I feel guilty that I let myself get stressed about wedding-related minutia. 99% of my concerns are petty, first-world problems.
3. I feel guilty that bridesmaids are supposed to pay for dresses, presents for shower / wedding, bachelorette stuff, etc. I should pay THEM- a lot- for keeping me sane(ish) since my pre-teens.
4. I feel guilty that my fiance is like, seriously, the sweetest man on the planet, and I am just a biotch sometimes.
5. I feel guilty that we decided to have the wedding in (X)-city because it’s more convenient for us.
6. I feel guilty interviewing multiple vendors and having to reject all but one.
7. I feel guilty about getting legally married, period, because it’s not fair that we can and others can’t.
8. I feel guilty that my wedding dress was expensive, yet I’m still considering a reception dress.
9. I feel guilty that I’m only inviting family and close friends.
10. I feel guilty that the parking around our church is not great.
You may feel like a total headcase right now, but please know that you are not alone. What are you feeling guilty about right now?

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