Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Font Swooning

Okay so, according to my trusty Extensis Suitcase, I have 4305 fonts in my database. That is a lot to our disposal.  That is why I tend to studder a little when brides ask me to give them a list of fonts that we have available. There is just no way. I let them know that they can look through our previous work for ideas. If none of them will fit I ask them to look around online and send me a link to pictures of fonts they like, because more than likely we have that font.

Today, I wanted to share a few new script fonts that are so lovely, I'm swooning over them. (NOTE: I do not condone "sharing" or illegally downloading fonts. These artists put a lot of hard work into developing these fonts, so should you desire one of these fonts, please pay the license fee.)

Parfait Script Pro by Maximiliano R. Sproviero, takes influences from the nineteenth-century script Spencerian, and combines them with pointed brush lettering to create a flourishing and whimsical font with over 850 glyphs. Many of the alternate characters have elaborate swirls and curlicues attached, with charming and sometimes dazzling results.

Like Parfait Script above, Tangier, by Richard Lipton, explores the possibilities of the elegant Spencerian form — with totally different results. Tangier is a lively yet disciplined family in four weights. The Black weight, Lipton’s personal favorite, pushes the boundaries for contrast in a script. Captivated by Tangier’s flair and sprightly joie de vivre, Glamour magazine incorporated two weights into their 2008 redesign.

Origins by Laura Worthington, is based on real hand-lettering with a Crow Quill pen on parchment paper, which has given the font natural rough outlines that contribute to its subtly antiquated look and feel. A semi-connected calligraphic font with a confident, regular flow, Origins features gracious ascenders and descenders for an elegant and somewhat formal look.


  1. Dear Elaine,
    Thanks! for this post.
    Your words encouraged me to keep working better and better.
    I am glad you like my font Parfait Script; like you say, it has an enormous work, in order to amaze the one who uses/looks at it.
    Best! and, lovely blog! :)

  2. I found your blog from the Etsy 'did you blog today?' thread....Great script fonts. Do you know Filosofia? I'm not sure it's new, but I used to like it when I was doing a lot of graphics for TV. Fontshop has some interesting versions too.

  3. Maximiliano - thanks for posting! I really love Parfait Script. It goes great on a lot of our wedding invitations!

  4. Victoria - Filosofia is one of my set-in-stone standards! I use it A LOT. It is sophisticated and classy and perfect for so many applications. It has been around for several years. Thanks for your comment! - Elaine

  5. That is such a cool concept!
    am following you now..